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Let me bring you in on a little secret – there are many manufacturers who are doing well in Ontario and across Canada! Contrary to the pervasive misconception that is common in the media these days, manufacturers and distributors are not only surviving but thriving!

The old ways are no longer the best ways…

Notice that I didn’t say that manufacturing as a whole is doing well, there are still many companies that are struggling because they haven’t changed the way they operate. They haven’t realized that there is a new “normal” and they have to re-evaluate how they do everything throughout their operations to compete.

There is a better way…

The manufacturers and distributors that are succeeding realize that they have to take advantage of anything that will help them reduce costs and increase productivity so they can maximize their return from their people and equipment. And by the way, they’re often great places to work as well!

How we can help…

Smart System Innovations represents companies that have the tools and ideas to help manufacturers, distributors and other organizations find better ways of doing things so that they can thrive in today’s demanding environment.

Our solutions include:

Print Management Information Systems for Commercial Printers

Accura MIS is much more than simply estimating for commercial printers – it builds into a complete management information system for printers of all sizes

Anonymous Viewer Analytics for In-store Advertising

Cenique’s AVA platform is a powerful tool in an incredibly small package

Nitrogen Generation – A cost effective alternative to compressed gas or liquid Nitrogen

Energy Management – Energy never used to be a problem!

Years ago energy was just a cost. Now customers, investors and others want you to prove you are “green”, plus costs keep going up. You need to develop a strategic energy management plan to control these issues.

Old DC motors using too much energy? Upgrade to AC for energy savings!

Small companies can reduce their carbon footprint.

As a small company you might not think that you can reduce your carbon footprint, but we have the software tools to help you do it, and prove it to your customers as well!

Portable, self-contained hot water unit for rail tank cars.

Condition monitoring system for rotating equipment (CM or Condition Base Monitoring, CBM)

As maintenance budgets are cut, new software can help you reduce downtime on rotating equipment

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Inefficiencies in a production line can rob profits. Monitor your manufacturing lines to find hidden profits

Business Management Software

Business Management Software is a basic requirement for success, but it can be a challenge to find the right solution.

Procurement Management Group

Purchasing capital equipment can be a time consuming and frustrating process. With decades of experience working for equipment manufacturers we can help you save time and money as well as getting the best equipment for your application.

By properly managing your procurement process, we ensure that you get the equipment you really need, not what someone wants to sell you!


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