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In today’s knowledge economy, how you handle data will determine if you are successful. Whether it’s voice, conference, video or file sharing, having an effective technology roadmap is mandatory for success.

We have the tools to help you compete:

Networks, Servers & the Cloud

The days of connecting to your in-house server through a desktop PC are long gone – today’s workers want to connect with any device, anywhere, at any time. With all the Cloud options available today, there’s a solution to suit your specific requirements. Transfer all or part of your network to the Cloud and take advantage of the reduced maintenance and lower costs of the Cloud, expand your network without adding physical servers, or co-locate your servers in a state-of-the-art facility. Manage it yourself, or leave it to the experts. Whatever your objectives, there’s a solution that fits your business needs!

Network Communications

If you’re doing real-time voice or video conferencing over multiple locations, you can quickly realize that bandwidth and quality of service can become major issues. We can set up high performance networks utilizing MPLS, VPLS and other technologies to ensure jitter-free voice and presentation solutions for mid-size or multi-national clients

Network and Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization lets you separate the operating system and applications from the hardware, leading to significant cost savings and versatility. With a Virtual Desktop your employees can run a secure corporate desktop on any computer—desktop, laptop, Mac, PC, bare metal, even personal systems. You can offer employees a secure method of working while traveling or working from home. VDI packages the entire corporate desktop in an encrypted “bubble” and places it on any corporate or personal device that can be controlled centrally through the management console based on a robust policy engine. Now employees can work anywhere on any PC.

Business Continuity, Security and Disaster Recovery

An unfortunate truth is that most companies don’t want to invest the time and effort to consider continuity and recovery plans until their business is shut down due to an incident. While everyone is aware of external threats like viruses and malware, another unfortunate truth is that the problem was most likely caused internally, either due to an operator error or an intentional attempt to disrupt the business.
Being shut down for days or losing track of customer data can have a devastating effect on a company’s finances as well as its reputation, as several major companies have discovered recently.
By balancing budget against RTO (Recovery Time Objective – how long can you afford to be down?) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective – how much data can you afford to lose?) we can help you identify the plan that provides a realistic, reliable solution for your business.

Voice and Unified Communications

If you are still using phones and e-mails for most of your communications, you are missing out on the many cost effective ways to improve how you communicate internally and externally. Real-time communications, sharing documents, live or recorded webinars and presentations allow you to control and manage communications across all departments in your organization, including marketing, sales, training, engineering, customer support and many others.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Today’s worker want the freedom to be innovative and creative in their jobs, and you need to harness this creative energy to remain competitive. BPM software allows you to work with your employees to develop procedures that identify the tasks that need to be done and who has to do them.

Information and communications technology is changing rapidly, call us today to schedule a no-cost discovery meeting to see how we can help you keep up with your competition!

Other solutions include:

Procurement Management Group

Purchasing capital equipment can be a time consuming and frustrating process. With decades of experience working for equipment manufacturers we can help you save time and money as well as getting the best equipment for your application.

By properly managing your procurement process, we ensure that you get the equipment you really need, not what someone wants to sell you!